Life-changing moment

On foot, through light and space

Silvana Oprea (38), bank clerk from Wiehl near Cologne

Silvana Oprea made her first big move at the age of 15, when she emigrated from Rumania to Germany. Arriving in Germany, she first lived for several years in Karlsruhe in the Upper Rhine region. Later, a big love led her further down the Rhine to Wiehl, in the Oberbergische region near Cologne. Here, at her husband's side, she immediately felt at home. And Wiehl – a town of some 25,000 inhabitants – also provided for all of life's little needs. So, it was clear to Silvana that she no longer had any wish to leave this little town - even if everything were to change.

New life in the old Wiehl

Finally! The long-yearned-for child was on its way. And Silvana knew immediately what she wanted: to get out of the small, dark basement apartment, and into a large apartment with its own bedroom for the little one, and especially with plenty of light for new life. Above all, she wanted to stay in Wiehl, where she had become so well integrated into the local community, and where she had her new family and friends around her.

When her son Rafael was born, Silvana gave up her job in the bank and took three years' maternity leave. Between changing diapers, breastfeeding, sleeping, and looking after baby and home, little time remained to look for a new apartment. But Silvana wanted to find a larger and more pleasant home at all costs before her little one was ready to walk. The small town of Wiehl didn't seem to have many free apartments available to rent, however. And the few apartments on offer never seemed to fit her precise ideas. Silvana was slowly beginning to despair.

First steps

While they were still at the old apartment, the time for their summer vacation had almost arrived. A few days before jetting off on holiday, Silvana took another look in the small ads on ImmobilienScout24. And there it was: the perfect apartment. The important thing was not to dither, so her husband arranged to view the apartment before they left on vacation. And as soon as they saw the apartment it was clear for Silvana: she had to have it at all costs. There was a separate room for the little one. And even a large terrace, sunlit from midday until evening. They received the news while they were still on holiday – their small family would get the apartment.

When Silvana moved into the new home with her family, Rafael was not yet one year old. The larger apartment proved to be a real gift. As if he had been waiting for it, the little boy investigated the new apartment for the first time on his own feet just a week after moving in. Still cautiously at first, gripping on to the new tables and chairs for stability. And to this day Silvana still has fond memories of that moment: free for the first time, with light and space in the new home.


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Life-changing moment: Birth of first child

Wanted/Found: 90 m² apartment to rent in Wiehl, 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, large terrace

Period between initial search and moving in: around 8 months

Double luck: Silvana not only found her dream apartment. Silvana lived "rent free" for the first three months after winning the ImmobilienScout24 lottery.

Life changing moment


Marco Schnorbus (41), project manager and climate protection consultant from Berlin

Marco Schnorbus couldn't get enough of Berlin when he was a student. Shortly before the start of the new millennium, he began his geography studies at Humboldt University, moving from Bochum to the centre of Berlin. A couple of years later, his male students' flatshare was turned into a lovenest when a fellow resident moved out – and Marco's girlfriend moved in. Ella and Mira were born a couple of years apart. Berlin city centre suddenly no longer seemed the right place to be living. Things needed to be a little more peaceful and greener –  and Marco's family needed their "own place".

Less hectic outside Berlin

The contrast with the hectic busyness in the centre of Berlin could hardly be greater. Marco travels with his family regularly to their small dacha in Brandenburg. The idyllic Biesenthal district is situated here, around half an hour's car journey from Berlin. And the small weekend cottage is close by. Here, the "hare and fox bid each other good night", as a German reference to somewhere far from the madding crowd. Marco enjoys the peace, and time with his family out in the countryside.

Marco is now looking for the ideal place to live somewhere situated between Berlin city centre life and the out-of-town idyll. When he starts to look on Immobilienscout24, he is soon attracted to a property developer's advert. Buyers for a multi-family house are already being sought for a new project in Berlin Weissensee even before the start of construction. He notes that Berlin's north-east is well connected with the city via its S-Bahn railway network. So, that would work.

Together with another interested party, Marco leads the search for potential buyers for the building project, and helps select them. The priority is to have the right people living together within the same property. Around twelve months later, they have drawn together a suitable little community to allow the construction project to start. By the time summer 2015 arrives, the house has been completed without any major delays.

A new feeling of "we"

The large maisonette apartment proves to be a dream come true for Marco and his family. When the weather is fine, the energy-saving adviser is in the habit of cycling to work. Everything a family needs can also be found in the apartment's immediate vicinity: a supermarket just opposite, and a kindergarten and several schools to choose from. The simple fact is that life here is less hectic than in the city centre. Marco discovers that he and his family are living in a very special housing community. The shared common room and a large garden offer frequent venues for joint and relaxed hours spent with neighbours (and this not only during small "public viewings" when Germany's national football team plays). Marco had never imagined that life on the fringes of Berlin could be so pleasant and lively.

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Life-changing moment: Feeling of "we" in an own new home

Wanted/Found: 153 m² maisonette apartment in Berlin Weissensee; multi-family house being constructed as a unit

Period between initial contact and moving in: around 2.5 years

Special features: A "hand-picked" house community shares common room and garden in multi-family house

Life changing moment

Fast and Furious

Christian Di Siervi (19), hotel management student from Brussels-Zaventem

Christian has a big passion: he is crazy about cars. In just one month's time, he will be a proud owner of a driving licence. In just one month, he'll be able to drive the car that he's just bought – on his own. Finally! He's been looking at cars on the Internet since he was twelve years old. He takes photos of cars, and travels to all kinds of car shows and car races wherever and whenever he can. Car racing, tuning, speed – this is Christian's world.

Turbo – the main thing

Christian's mother doesn't allow him to drive her car. She's too worried about scratches and scrapes, and traffic fines. And perhaps also because of Christian's temperament. So, he needs to get something of his own. When the hotel-manager-to-be first saw an Abarth Fiat 500 on the street, he knew: that is going to be my first car. The name of legendary sports car maker manufacturer "Abarth" – the company with the scorpion logo whose cars have won thousands of races – still stands today for sportiness and for small, temperamental cars. And for pure racing passion.

Although the son of Italian parents still has to take his driving test, Christian already starts to look for his dream car on the website of AutoScout24 Belgium. He gets 100 hits straight away. Full sports extras are very important to Christian – so that leaves five cars. Out of these five cars, he goes to inspect one at the dealer's – a magical moment for this car-mad, auto racing sports fan.

Having a genuine Italian car as his first car pleased him. And super-sporty as well, which is clear to see from the car's exterior. The small black-and-white car is four years old, has just 35,000 kilometres on the clock, and comes with full sports extras: large light-metal rims, imposing side sills, an air intake stretching across the entire car front, double exhaust pipes, rear diffuser, as well as sports seats and turbo engine. When the 500 starts up, it sounds like a Ferrari. Christian would never have found such a car for this price anywhere other than at AutoScout24. He is over the moon. A car almost like one from his favourite film, "The Fast and the Furious".

Full speed into a new phase of life

From the initial search until the purchase of car took hardly longer than a week. And his plan succeeded: just in time for passing his driving test, Christian already has his dream car parked in front of the house. Christian is also sure that his last year of training will also fly by. He will then join his parents' restaurant business to ensure that business there continues to run well in the future – at least as well as his new car.


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Life-changing moment: Turbo driven dream car

Wanted/Found: Abarth Fiat 500 with maximum sports extras

Period between initial contact and purchase: 1 week

Special features: an Italian car for a real Italian buyer

Life changing moment

Off-road with a pension

Dr. Werner Reichert (66), now-retired chemist from Deidesheim

Werner Reichert was already crazy about cars as a young boy. While other boys his age pushed toy cars around, he was paying a visit to his father who worked in a car showroom – selling real cars. And it was a real car that Werner wanted, too. Straight after completing school and passing his driving test, Werner – originally from Germany's Palatinate region – saved up enough money for the first car of his own – and in the early 1970s, what else but a Volkswagen Beetle?

On and off road: A rep's life on the road

An affinity with driving and a passion for cars accompanied the chemist during his entire professional life. Werner spent a lot of time on the road as a commercial representative, first in environmental protection and later in the medical laboratory area. He drove a total of around 15 different private and company cars during his professional life. SUVs particularly attracted him.

Werner discovered the fun of off-road driving. Always with care, of course. Finally, by the mid-90s, Werner was imparting driving safety instruction sessions at the Hockenheimring in his spare time, including in the motion and braking simulator. And it's only a short way from the Hockenheimring to off-road. Off-road driving became his hobby.

Now it's his

The end of his professional life in early 2015 represents the start of a new life for the chemist. For the former salesman, it also means: Goodbye, company car! Hello, private car! Werner enjoys his search on AutoScout24. For a good half a year, he monitors offers on the platform. Then he's ready. Werner finds exactly what he's looking for: a second-hand BMW X3. The diesel SUV has all the extras he wants: four-wheel-drive, automatic transmission, satnav, climate control and lots more. And soon he is standing in the dealer's showroom. Only a few days pass between his phone call and the first drive in his own car. The first few kilometres in his newly acquired second-hand car feel great. The pride of ownership is what makes it really special. Werner is happy that the car really belongs to him. 

The former driving safety instructor isn't inclined to make lots of plans for his retirement – he prefers to "see what life brings his way". Springtime drives along the Weinstrasse, around Sinsheim, and at the Hockenheimring, as well as some light off-road driving are always fun for him – it's there that the four-wheel drive can show just what it's capable of.


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Life-changing moment: Into retirement with a private SUV

Wanted/Found: BMW X3 with exactly the right extras

Period between initial contact and purchase: a few days

Special features: For the former driving safety instructor at the Hockenheimring, the balance between safety and driving pleasure has to be right.

Our life changing moment

9:17 on October 1, 2015

A new era begins for Scout24

When CEO Greg Ellis rings the IPO bell on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on October 1 at 9:17 and 44 seconds a.m. – it's done. Just four weeks after its change of legal form, Scout24 AG ventures its first steps onto the sometimes rather slippery stock exchange floor. Weeks of intensive work and virtually endless days of roadshows lie behind the two Management Board members Greg Ellis and Christian Gisy, who have successfully completed the Company's IPO despite the difficult and unstable capital market situation. But even at the subsequent photo shoot taken by the statues of a bull and a bear in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, their commitment and enthusiasm is undimmed. A new phase of life has started for Scout24 AG – life as a listed company. And a lot has changed during all the months of preparation for this special day

We are OneScout24

With the OneScout24 approach, the former holding company structure has transformed into a fully integrated organisation. Equity interests that were no longer relevant were spun off, operations were focused on the two core market-leading businesses ImmobilienScout24 (IS24) and Autoscout24 (AS24), synergies were leveraged as far as possible, and small acquisitions that support the core business were implemented. Scout24 Media, the Group's new area, is driving ahead with lead-generation and advertising sales activities Groupwide. Individual organisations are being amalgamated gradually to form a powerful team, with joint objectives, joint resources, joint management and a joint strategy: OneScout24. A team that has convinced investors, and will also give people something to talk about in the future.

The Art of Being Public

With its continuous stock market listing, Scout24 is now exposed to constant monitoring and observation by capital markets. Investors wish to be looked after as professionally after the IPO, as before it. The investor relations area at Scout24 has been restructured completely, in terms of both personnel and organisation, as a consequence. And with the company's first quarterly report being published just five weeks after the admission to stock market listing, there is little time to draw breath. But Being Public also means a lot more than financial reporting and investor relations. It concerns the entire organisation. Sets of regulations have to be complied with, and processes need to be established. It's all very different to how things were before the stock market flotation. But there's also a payoff: since December 2015, Scout24 AG has been a new member of the SDAX equity market index family.


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Life-changing moment: IPO of Scout24 AG

Wanted/Found: A comfortable little place on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, first occupancy

Period between initial contact and moving in: 6 months

Special features: Scout24 received EUR 228 million for debt repayment on moving in (from a capital increase)


Two leading digital marketplaces under one roof

Scout 24 provides digital marketplaces that help people make their property and car dreams come true – simply, e ciently and stress-free. We generate revenues from these marketplaces by selling classi ed ads and advertising space, along with other services and tools for our customers and users.

Marketplaces & Services

Scout 24 provides digital marketplaces that help people make their property and car dreams come true – simply, e ciently and stress-free. We generate revenues from these marketplaces by selling classi ed ads and advertising space, along with other services and tools for our customers and users.

Life Stages

We are partners during life‘s moments of change, which is when we are there to help people – and through their whole lives. Finding a new home or buying a car are some of life‘s important, recurring events. Intelligent data evaluation enables such life events to be planned to a certain extent, and users‘ latest purchasing requirements to be researched. This makes Scout24 a particularly attractive place for other service providers to advertise their products and services.

To our shareholders

3:11 min

24 hours at Scout24

  • Figures are regarding the German market and concerning platforms ImmobilienScout24, AutoScout24, FinanceScout24, based on Scout24's measurements
  • Ancillary services include enquiries for moving services, information on credit rating by Schufa, real estate valuations, car garage services, enquiries for insurance services
Corporate Citizenship

We want to change something!

At Scout24, we aim to get things moving. Change things, or do them differently. Which is why, for us, social commitment is much more than just a project we run. Last year more than 600 Scout24 staff were engaged in social projects during their working time – making things happen, and bringing change about.

Together with partners, we can achieve a lot. Which is why we support selected NGOs in their commitment: with our human resources, know-how, money and other resources. And because frequent get-togethers are a distinguishing feature of good partnerships, we work together particularly with NGOs, associations and initiatives directly at our locations in Munich and Berlin. We have already maintained relationships with some of our partners for several years – and often without a "marriage contract". Sealed with a handshake – with a lot of mutual trust – and with a joint objective and joint work.

Corporate Volunteering has become a focus of our social commitment. Staff work locally for, and together with, our partners. We are an innovative and dynamic IT company. Our employees‘ experience and expertise constitute a valuable asset for us – and for others. Consequently, the "pro bono" transfer of expert knowledge comprises a further important contribution to our Corporate Citizenship (CC) activities.

We encourage all employees at Scout24 to contribute with campaigns and projects. Scout24 has an eight-member Cares Team to coordinate its very varied activities. The team members work in various areas of our company, providing support to CC projects alongside their actual work at Scout24. The team is headed by a CC manager who exclusively looks after Corporate Citizenship for us. The Cares Team are constantly implementing all our employees‘ new activities and suggested projects. This enables us to structure our social commitment increasingly effectively.



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"Wanting to make things happen and change things, and do things differently and better – that's the Scout24 spirit. And the way we regard our work is the same way we are committed socialy. With head, hands and heart."

- Christian Gisy, FCO

Corporate Citizenship

Berlin know-how for a good cause

Not-for-profit organisations and associations have a lot – a lot of heart, lots of com- mitted staff, and lots of great ideas. But what they often lack is financial resources – including for further training, for example. Inspired by inquiries from many of our partners, the idea consequently came to us to make our expert knowledge and that of other Berlin companies available pro bono to not-for-profit organisations – in the "Berlin Social Academy". In this very special academy, staff from not-for- profit organisations receive specialist knowledge and training for their mostly voluntary work.

We initiated the Berlin Social Academy in 2013, with the third already being held in 2015. Between October 12 and 15, numerous Berlin companies and staff from not not-for-profit organisations met to swap knowledge and ideas. Participants included the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), Reporters Without Borders (Reporter ohne Grenzen), the Berlin City Mission (Berliner Stadtmission) and the Education Foundation (Stiftung Bildung), with further training sessions including social media, content marketing, image rights, video communication and crowdfunding.


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Along with Scout24, sponsors of the initiative include Scholz & Friends Reputation and the B.Z. "Berlin Heroes" team. Further partners and sponsors support the Academy. This network for pro bono knowledge transfer from Berlin companies to the city's civil society is unique. We are proud to have founded this initiative, and to have motivated other companies to join us.

2:38 min
Corporate Citizenship

The S-Team: Sozialhelden ("Social Heroes") and Scout24

Whenever something fires our enthusiasm, we want to get involved. The Sozialhelden Association is one of the most important players and drivers for inclusion and a barrier-free life – and it has captured our imagination. Scout24 has been one of the main sponsors of the Sozialhelden Association since 2011, and since then we have been working together at several levels. Our support for this association includes a half-time IT staff member and free premises at our Berlin site.

The "WheelMap Campaign" is one of the most important projects operated by Sozialhelden that we support. Together with the World Health Organisation, this campaign has been preparing a map since 2010 to aid wheelchair users and individuals with other mobility restrictions plan and structure their days, and already features more than 170,000 cafes, libraries, swimming pools and many other public locations. The WheelMap is available as a free app for mobile devices, and can be used easily on a smartphone while on the move. On special action days, Scout24 staff regularly help investigate whether locations and railway stations are barrier-free, transferring the information they gather to the map.

The cooperation between Scout24 and the Sozialhelden Association has been based on trust and a handshake for the last five years. Scout24 received the "CSR Job Award" in 2015 for its exemplary cooperation.  

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First place in the CSR Job Award in the "Our Cooperation Ventures / NGOs" category
Corporate Citizenship

Good things don't happen unless you make them happen

What do the following organisations have in common: Himmelbeet interkulturelle Gemeinschaft, Kinderkram-Laden, Berliner Tafel and Kleiderkammer der Bayernkaserne? Correct. All of these institutions were supported by Scout24 staff in 2015. But not just these, but also lots of other associations, institutions and NGOs equally. On the so-called "Social Day", our staff exchange their desks to work at not-for-profit institutions for a day. This annual day consequently forms the core of our Corporate Volunteering Program, and has already existed in this form since 2011. The range of topics supported by our staff and Scout24 in selected projects ranges from care for children, senior citizens and homeless individuals, through to animal welfare, and educational work and monument conservation.

On the occasion of the Social Day‘s fifth anniversary, the Cares Team and our staff arranged an entire "Social Week" for the first time. During this anniversary week, staff participated at various campaigns related to the topic of social commitment at Scout24. We thereby wanted to say thank you – including for our colleagues‘ energetic and effective commitment, and to our partners of many years‘ standing for our trusting collaboration. Forfive days, five associations with which we have worked together for five years were supported by daily charity campaigns – and by our employees, and a lot of money-raising ideas for our partners:

  • Immobilienscout24 rounds up
    Every cent counts! During the Social Week, staff had the opportunity at the Scout Casino to round up for a good cause.
  • Wish balloon – starting Social Week
    Let your wishes rise up and away and into the sky! The balloon campaign was the Care Team‘s first campaign five years ago. It marked the starting point for our Corporate Commitment, and was repeated for the opening. Scout24 staff bought hot air balloons, wrote wishes on postcards, attached the postcards to the balloons, and then let them float off into open skies.
  • Commitment Market
    Five partner organisations with which we have already worked together successfully for up to five years presented themselves at the "Commitment Market".
  • Cake fair
    Staff baked for a good cause and sold more than 30 cakes to colleagues.
  • Social-Week-Fotobox
    In our Social Week Fotobox, employees got dressed up in costumes, took creative team photos, and then sold the pictures. This money was also donated.
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3:35 min

Example projects that we supported as part of the 2015 of the 2015 Social Day:

  • Himmelbeet interkulturelle Gemeinschaft, Berlin – garden work
  • Kinderkram-Laden, Munich – setting up a common room
  • Elisabeth Diakoniewerk, Berlin – restoration and improvement works
  • Kleiderkammer der Bayerkaserne, Munich – sorting donations
  • Berliner Tafel e.V., Berlin – sorting food donations
  • Gnadenhof Gut Streiflach, Munich – caring for animals and grounds
  • Sportverein Pfefferwerk e.V., Berlin – inclusive volleyball game
  • Verein Berliner Büchertisch, Berlin – Kinderlesefest
  • Verein Berliner Büchertisch, Berlin – children‘s reading festival
  • Grips Theater, Berlin – social media consulting
  • Jewish Cemetery, Berlin – grave care
  • Ronald McDonald Haus, Munich – renovating apartment for families

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